Specializing In

Residential Landscaping and Design
We work to develop the landscape plans of your dreams, including hardscape features like stone pathways, fountains, and anything else you can imagine.

What We Do

At Texas Proscapes, we specialize in residential landscaping services and landscape design in Austin and San Antonio. Our landscape specialists will work with you to develop the landscape plans of your dreams, and that includes hardscape features like stone pathways, fountains, and anything else you can imagine.

Texas Proscapes was founded with one simple principle in mind: provide unparalleled customer support and outstanding quality services. Since our inception, we have built up a staff of professionals to serve your every landscaping need. We employ experts in gardening, lawn care and landscaping to give you a personalized and custom approach to your outdoor design needs. Our customers choose us for a variety of reasons, most importantly because we care a great deal about the quality of our work and the service we provide.

We Are ``Texperts``

Our thorough knowledge of local vegetation will ensure that your lawn remains beautiful for years to come.

Creative Design

With our combined expertise in landscape design and home construction, we will seamlessly blend our design with your home.

Cooperative Creativity

We are eager to assist in making your dreams a reality.  We’ll blend your imaginative ideas into our design process.

Affordable and Dependable

We work hard to stay within your budget and time constraints while providing quality worksmanship.
  • With our thorough knowledge of horticulture, Central Texas weather, outstanding design skills, and installation expertise, our team of landscape designers is able to provide you with a beautiful landscape plan tailored to your wishes and needs. Every landscape design begins with a thorough investigation of the site, bearing in mind the soil, grading, and changing weather conditions.

  • Many of our projects use native plants, primarily because of water conservation and environmental benefits, while focusing on the importance of a visually pleasing design and color palette. Drought resistant landscape designs using native trees, grasses and succulents can help solve irrigation issues and keep irrigation and maintenance costs in check.
  • Our clients are an integral part of the landscape design process – their contributions result in landscaped gardens that are reflective of their personalities. So, we will work hand-in-hand with you during the entirety of the design process, ensuring that we create the space that you want. We want you to love the personalized resort atmosphere that outdoor living spaces create in the same way our previous clients love theirs.